Where to kite

Kite beach is situated between DOSC ( Dubai Offshore Sailing Club) and the Burj Al Arab, however since the groins have been placed and the beach facilities upgraded it has become very crowded with beach goers.

Ness Nass Beach is behind Sunset Mall. (google maps)
It's a more friendly beach, however it has a lot of students undergoing training with beginners too.
No one knows the right of way rule, so don't expect to be given priority. Basically it's up to you to avoid a collision.


When to kite

Kiting takes place all year round.
Summer (very hot) is when we get the most consistent winds however they are light at 10 to 12kts and onshore and blow in the afternoons, so big kites and big boards
Winter is great but we have to wait for a shamal to kick in, usually lasts 3 days and brings waves ,the wind can vary from 12 to 30kts depending on the strength of the shamal. The temperature drops to the 20ies but wetsuits are worn as the chill factor gets to you. 

That being said he best time to kite in Dubai is from March to June

Kitersurfers kite near the island closer to Dubai, this offers flater water in winter but not an official place to kite. In winter more beach goers use this beach and it becomes crowded, the police have asked kitersurfers to leave.

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